It is known that every mechanical device in operation creates its own characteristic noise, which, in turn, consists of a multitude of noise of individual parts. Those. every detail rustles in its own way. The measuring technique developed by our engineers allows us to decompose complex sounds into elementary components, analyze them, and on the basis of this analysis determine the technical state of individual parts of various complex mechanisms. It must be borne in mind that the new measuring means are not ordinary flaw detectors, and are not intended solely to search for cracks or voids in materials. The application of the developed instruments is much broader. They allow us to determine the physical properties of materials, and thus predict the probability of their sudden fatigue failure in advance.

       That is, there is a real opportunity not to wait for the beginning of destruction, but to prevent them in advance! Experience has shown that very often the appearance and development of cracks, for example, in rails, is so rapid that there is no time to detect and take any measures. The rail gradually becomes softened, becomes brittle, and under the weight of the passing train it can suddenly break down. To prevent such accidents, we need new sensitive devices that can predict in advance (predict) the probability of the onset of fatigue destruction. That is, it is necessary not to wait for the appearance of cracks, but to take measures in advance to prevent them. Modern computer technology allows you to carry out measurements with great speed. However, there is a problem how to use very large volumes of useful information that can be obtained on high-speed measuring devices. If, in Newton’s time, one or two parameters were measured in each experiment, modern computer technology can produce thousands of results per second. The human mind can not process such volumes of information. Therefore, a modern measuring device must not only perform a variety of measurements, but also process the results, presenting them in an intuitive way. For measurements, artificial intelligence is needed, which is automatically able to perform all routine operations for processing results, leaving the person only the possibility of making general strategic decisions.

       Work in this direction is carried out in many countries. However, in the field of development for the railway intelligent measuring devices yet. On the instructions of Russian Railways, our company has developed a measuring system “Expert M-18”, which not only measures many parameters, but also automatically processes them, presenting the final characteristics in the form of detailed text reports. Elements of artificial intelligence are embedded in a computer program that can be learned simultaneously by several methods of measurement. To start a full measurement cycle, the operator must press the “Start” button, and after a few seconds a full report of the various properties of the object under study is displayed. These devices are a new generation: Such smart devices in the future will determine for themselves what to measure, how to measure, and independently analyze all the results obtained.