First you need to explore the biographies of the most successful people, to understand their views on life and business practices. We need to find general patterns, using which you can succeed. One day John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937) joked: “Who works all day, no time to make money!” The man knew what he said: He was born to a woodcutter, lived 97 years, and became the first in the history of mankind dollar billionaire . His condition at the end of life was about 192 billion. Dollars! Of course, skeptics argue that Rockefeller lived in America during the period of rapid economic growth. Once in a favorable situation, he began to sell petroleum products (in 1870 founded the company «Stantart Oil»), and received a good profit. But we should not forget that in those days in America was very much the same active people who did not work less. But why Rockefeller became the richest man? After all, its financial system is working so far. Rockefeller family in 2017 has increased his fortune to 320 billion. Dollars. For comparison, the state of Bill Gates (he was in second place) “only” about 72 billion. Dollars. Is there a magic recipe, the use of which will allow you to get success in business? Where are the ideas of good business? How to join the ranks of successful people? Here are some questions to which answers can be found in our organization. We will not give you advice – advisors enough without us! But we will give you a unique opportunity to get out of any crisis. To do this, there is a “union of millionaires”, which you can use the services. Any business starts with an idea. Any idea suddenly appears in consciousness. So, to get a good idea, it is necessary to properly set up your consciousness. We must learn to think as think all successful people.